A successful motosport night event by ASM

Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 15:41

A special Motorsport event was successfully organised by ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi’ on Saturday evening at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali. The event that went through the late evening hours included Autocross drivers from the ASM Pasta Poiatti Championship races and also the Gozo Autocross team. The Motocross performed very well on the Ta Qali soil while a good number of Trials bikers performed technical riding over man-made obstacles. A group of Quadbike riders displayed a great show when riding over a new laid track when they displayed their great abilities in competition.

Autocross current Champion Christian Galea performed so well that he won all the qualifying heats and the Class A Final race too. He was followed by team mate Josef Grech on his fast Fiesta. Also in this class Joe Cutajar followed in 4th place to Malcolm Borg Corsa. Manuel Muscat and Melo Zammit followed for the rest of the 9 lap race at very close distance.

New to Autocross Gordon Johnson won his first race in Class B where he led the pack throughout the race to the finish line. Andreas Zammit followed Gordon’s Peugeot on his Fiesta while novice Andreas Scicluna bas battling for his position ahead of Mario Tabone on another Fiesta. Unfortunately, Scicluna was forced to retire due to a technical fault and Tabone took over to finish in 3rd place.

Nicholas Agius from the Gozo Autocross won the Final A of this section. He was very pleased to win his race while he is in Malta for his holiday from Australia after a break of 6 years. Surely he was the happiest man last Saturday at Ta Qali. Agius was followed by Saliba and by Richard Axiaq to the Finish Line. All drove their cars fast but with great precision too.

Marvic Vassallo had a great start in the race on his Escort in Class B. Silvan Caruana followed on his Hyundai Pony and Josef Agius on a BMW. It was a pity to see Vassallo loose control and lose his lead too for Agius while Caruana won 3rd place.

The quadbikers rode their machines under artificial lights. The new track which is formed on both the Autocross and the Motocross tracks proved very technical. After 3 fast heats William Sant on his yellow Suzuki won the highest points on the day. Joseph Falzon won 2nd on his Polaris while Stefan Fenech had to be satisfied with 3rd overall after loosing traction for a small while on the track. ASM was very pleased with the participation of these Quadbikers and all is already set to hold a National Championship for these riders by next October.

The Motocross riders went in competition under natural light and it was a great race for the Finish Flag between two present great riders. Carmel Borg won 1st place in Class A over Paul Muscat just by a few centimetres in the 2nd heats. Both are great riders in Motocross and will be challenging Motocross next year on Maltese and Italian Soil as from next September.

Motocross Class B was dominated by James Zahra on his 250cc racer Yamaha. James battled hard with Trever Muscat to win 2 of the 3 heats. Muscat was also battling ahead of Turu Micallef and Brandon Cassar Muscat throughout the 3 heats. Though Zahra won the Class B with 72 points, Trever won 65 points and finished ahead of Cassar’s 58 points. ASM Executive Committee thanks all drivers and riders for their participation in this great summer night feat.

ASM will be holding the Annual General Meeting on Friday 27th July when ASM members will be voting to elect their respective Committee personnel for the coming year. Elections will be held too for the Vice-President, Assistant Secretary and for two ASM representatives within the MMF. Thanks to Kunsill Malti ghall iSport this AGM will be held at San Benedittu Sport Complex in Hal-Kirkop.

Another Social event will be held on Saturday 28th July in Honour of the ASM Champions for Autocross, Motocross and Trials bikes. This event will be held at Ta Zaccu heritage complex in Siggiewi. Distinctive personnel Onor. Clyde Puli Parl. Sec Sports, MP and Onor Chris Agius MP PL speaker for Sport and other executives are invited for this great event. More information can be found on the ASM website www.asm.com.mt and on Facebook A.S.M. Malta. Photos of Saturday’s event can be seen at www.christazzopardi.com

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