A little bit of exercise motivation

Sunday, June 27, 2010, 9:30

by John Xuereb

John Xuereb

John Xuereb

Most of us know how important exercise is as a fundamental part of our weight loss and health plan but we still have a difficult time fitting it into our busy lives.

One reason could be that, exercise can seem difficult when you first begin your program or you just give yourself the excuse “there is just not enough time.”

What I have figured out for myself and for the thousands of clients I have directed is that no matter which exercise program they choose, it has to be something they enjoy, especially when it comes to the setting and location.

A friend of mine converted the garage in his house into his “home gym”.

NO, his home gym does have the most expensive, high tech equipment. In all honesty, the only items that make up his home gym are: an exercise ball, an exercise mat, a decent Spinning bike that I gave him and a few barbells and dumbbells. That’s it! Nothing expensive or high tech about it.

Countless times in the past I have watched as he has joined gyms and told me how this time he’s going to make it work. But like many others enrolled with a gym, he never went! Now, I know he really enjoys exercising so why wouldn’t he actually use his gym membership?

After asking him the question, he said, “I really love my exercise room. It’s my private time to myself and I don’t have to worry about who else needs the equipment or who’s lurking around the gym. I get an hour to myself and it’s a great way to start my day”.

I asked myself if this could possibly be what’s stopping many people from exercising. “Is this most people’s problem? Do they not like where they work out so they just don’t want to go?” So it’s really not the actual workout but the environment that they’re in.

Maybe for you the situation is just the opposite. You don’t like working out in your home and you would much rather get out and be motivated by others healthy people. Whatever the reason may be, you need to choose something you enjoy! You will never make a lifestyle change that includes exercise on a consistent basis if you don’t enjoy it. Who wants to do something that feels like torture? Well not me! I love my morning exercise time and if it felt like suffering, I wouldn’t do it.

So, my question to you is this: What do you have to do to make your workout time enjoyable? Or something you actually look forward to? Join an adult sports league? Join a new gym? Find a workout partner? Start your own exercise group? Set up a home gym? Your choices are endless.

Try many different options and figure out which activity you would enjoy best and I assure you, exercise never has to be a boring.

It’s time you started on a new healthy nutrition and exercise plan right now. What are you waiting for!


John is a National Bodybuilder, Author & the Founder of the Bodies ‘N Motion 16 Week Complete Mind & Body Transformation

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