A consultation process with Sport organisations to commence in September

Thursday, July 11, 2013, 13:40

A consultation process with sport organisations will commence in September so that a better working relationship, between the government and sport organisations, can be charted. This was announced during a press conference by Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, Stefan Buontempo, in Valletta, during which, cheques were distributed to various sport organisations.

While praising athletes who participated in international competitions lately,Dr Buontempo said that sports organisations, while most of them are managed by volunteers, despite being non professionals, the standard of their work can be similarly compared to that performed by others on a professional basis,albeit, with personal sacrifices. Dr Buontempo elaborated on the financial costs that sports organisations are faced with, to pay for athletes, to compete in international competitions,and these do not include the time spent on preparation and training and time which cannot be quatified financially.

Therefore, sport organisations, need to have easier processes and better systems that reflect their needs. Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo concluded that our policy will be based on what is best for sports and sports organisations.

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