A close-up of the Blues President on Kontrattakk

Sunday, November 14, 2010, 6:00

by Catherine Micallef.

This weekend brings a short break from the BOV Premier League, but it does not mean a break as well to the sixteen teams engaged in the U*BET FA Trophy Competition. This evening, KONTRATTAKK will take the opportunity to discuss with football protagonists in the inferior divisions their respective leagues and televiewers will also have the chance to view the goals scored during the eight matches played throughout this weekend. KONTRATTAKK presenter Sandro Micallef and Caroline Attard shall go into detail with their guests mainly: Anthony Bonello St. George’s Vice-Captain, Balzan’s President George Borg, Melita’s player Julian Galea and Melita Sports technical commentator Joe Micallef. The discussion will also evolve around the competitive International away match between Croatia and Malta to be played next Wednesday 17th November.

Katya Borg and Sliema W. President Steve Abela

Katya Borg and Sliema W. President Steve Abela

Last but not least sports correspondent Catherine Micallef prepared her weekly special Double Marking interview with a really nice couple… Sliema W FC President Steve Abela and his partner Katya Borg who shall make her debut on the tv screen tonight….  How difficult is it to have a football club President as your partner? What kind of lifestyle do they live? And how romantic is one of the present youngest local football club Presidents? After this feature, Kontrattakk televiewers will also have the opportunity to get to know more gossip in the weekly X’Qed Jinħema item which has now been established as the unique and number one local football gossip corner on this island!

Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to participate during the programme by texting their views on SMS number 50614914 or email address kontrattakk@gmail.com. All facebook users are also welcome to post their comments on Kontrattakk’s facebook page. Kontrattakk is another production of Events Services and Where’s Everybody? Kontrattakk is broadcast live on Sundays at 9.45pm on TVM.

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