5th Dan Black Belt for Ying Yang Kickboxing

Friday, July 8, 2011, 17:02

In May the Malta Kickboxing Association (MKBA) gave the 5th Dan to Master Noel Mercieca. This was done during a Kickboxing grading in which 35 students were graded for their next Belt in this discipline.


For the grading the Ying Yang Club was represented by 27 students which all of them gave their best and achieved their next Belt. In total the grading was four hours long in which the athletes were tested on their stamina, endurance and technique which are an asset in this sport.


Dale Busutill and Charles Butiġieġ, both Ying Yang students were graded for their Black Belt. Whilst Busutill had been examined to go from Brown to Black, Butiġieġ was examined to get his 1st Dan. After a strenuous four hours in which both Busutill and Butiġieġ had to show their Kickboxing techniques together with their teaching abilities, they still had to face Kancho Adrian Axisa, founder of the MKBA.


Axisa, together with instructors of other clubs, gave a 30 minute endurance test to Busutill and Butiġieġ. During such time these two students had to continuously perform a series of techniques. This pushed them to their limits and over but in the end both managed to achieve their goal.


The grading for Master Mercieca, founder of the Ying Yang Kickboxing, was not the same as for the other students. As a club instructor he is always under examination from Kancho Axisa, and the same is for the other club instructors. Over an undefined period of time Master Mercieca had to show his abilities in teaching the sport and being of good example to his students and to the entire MKBA.


Together with Master Mercieca two other Kickboxing instructors were graded as well. One of them was Demis Scicluna, founder of Demis Kickboxing Club, who was awarded with the 4th Dan. The other was Master Mario Saliba who is in charge of the Kickboxing and Spirit Combat branches in Gozo.


For further information regarding the club’s training sessions visit the site www.yingyangkickboxing.com or contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or merciecanoel@yahoo.co.uk

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