5 young swimmers end their year in style

Sunday, December 23, 2012, 13:32
Julian Harding of Neptunes WPSC ended the year in style when he lowered his own record in the 50 breast stroke event to 30.79 from 31.30 (Group D) he had registered last June in Andorra at the 11th Age Group Trials held at the National Pool tal-Qroqq on saturday 22nd December. Harding also showed his mark in the 50 butterfly event when he erased Andrew Chetcuti’s record Chetcuti had achieved in Dubai in 2009 by two splits bringing it to 26.35. Harding now holds nine local age group records, five in Group C and four in Group D and trains with the National Team.
Neil Muscat also of Neptunes WPSC also made his mark in these trials when he bettered his mark in the 50 backstroke event (Group C) bringing the record time to 29.07 from 29.16 he had achieved at the National Championships held last July. Muscat holds five records in Group C, all the records in Group B and three records in Group A.
Meanwhile Pia Grech also of Neptunes put her name in the records list when she broke the 50 breast stroke (Group D) record with a time of 35.80 when she erased a long standing record held by Stephanie Schranz since March 1998.
Young Kristina Fino of Sliema ASC broke the Group B Age Group Record when she registered 32.96 from 33.62 Amy Micallef had achieved in December 2010 in Berlin. Fino holds the same event record in Group A.
These last time trials of the year were held in rather inclement weather while quite a few swimmers skipped a few events. The next swimming Time Trials are scheduled to be held in January 2013.

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