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In order to continue providing International experience to the swimmers who train under the guidance of National Coach Artem Goncharenko, and form part of the National Team, the ASA of Malta participated in the 45th International Swim Meet “MLADOST 2017” Short Course Swimming Meet held in Zagreb, Croatia between the 11th and 12th November 2017.

The following swimmers were led by President Joe Caruana Curran, Artem Goncharenko, and accompanied by Physiotherapist Rebekah Causon:

Dylan Cachia, Mya Azzopardi, Matthew Galea, Charis Ceccarelli, Timothy Hansford, Kristina Fino, Rudi Spiteri, Andria Friggieri, Mikhail Umnnov, Leah Tanti, Thomas Wareing & Martina Valletta.

The competition format featured Heats in the morning and Finals in the afternoons and was organised by the HRVATSKI AKADEMSKI PLIVAČKI KLUB, under FINA Technical Rules and the rules of the Croatian Swimming Federation.

The venue for the competition, Športski Park Mladost, consisted of a 25 metre Indoor, 8 Lane pool in Zagreb, CROATIA and was equipped with OMEGA time keeping Electronic timing system

Swimming Groups:


  • Open – born 2000 and before
  • Group A – born 2001/2002
  • Group B – born 2003/2004                                                .


  • Open – born 1999 and before
  • Group A – born 2000/2001
  • Group B – born 2002/2003


  • 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m Freestyle
  • 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly
  • 100m, 200m, 400m Individual Medley

Throughout the competition a number of National Short Course Records were broken, medals were won, as detailed hereunder, and most of the swimmers improved their Personal Best times.

Mikhail Umnov

200m Fly                   2:06,03            National SC Record  

(previously held by Neil Agius at 2:10,39 since Dec 2010)

100m Medley           0:58,53            National SC Record

(previously held by Andrea Agius at 0:59,38 since Dec 2010)

100m Fly                   56,56               (in the heats)

                                      55,75               National SC Record (in the finals)

(previously held by Andrew Chetcuti at 56,98 since Dec 2010)

200m Medley          2:10,02            (in the heats)

                                      2:08,13            National SC Record (in the finals)

(previously held by Thomas Wareing at 2:12,20 since March 2017)

Mya Azzopardi

200m Medley             2:24,40            (in the heats)

                                         2:23,39            National SC Record (in the finals)

(previously held by Gail Rizzo at 2:25,30 since Dec 1996)

50m Back                    0:30,35            National SC Record

(previously held by Nikki Muscat at 0:30,56 since Dec 2010)

100m Medley             1:07,33            (in the heats)

                                        1:05,76            National SC Record (in the finals)

(previously held by Amy Micallef at 1:07,49 since Nov 2016)

Thomas Wareing

200m Back                  2:09,68                        National SC Record

(previously held by Mark Sammut at 2:11,78 since Nov 2010)

Rudi Spiteri                50m Butterfly                        Gold Medal

                                         100m Freestyle                      Silver Medal

Mya Azzopardi           200m Medley                         Silver Medal

                                         100m Medley                         Silver Medal

Thomas Wareing      400 Medley                             Silver Medal

Leah Tanti                   50m Breaststroke                Bronze Medal

                                         50m Butterfly                        Bronze Medal

Martina Valletta        100m Freestyle                     Bronze Medal

The ASA of Malta is very satisfied with the results obtained.

More info about the meet and all official results are available at:


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