44 aquatic athletes participate in camping session

Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 17:03

A total of 44 aquatic athletes participated in a camping session held at Ghajn Tuffieha Scouts Camp Site. The camp started on Friday 12th and ended Sunday 14th April. For most swimmers and waterpolo players this was their first experience.


The group interacted and bonded socially through barbeques, storytelling, a treasure hunt, group hikes and other activities which helped further refine qualities within the club.


The programme consisted of organised and other informal unorganised time which all athletes appreciated. Training sessions were held on the beach and in the campsite itself.


All swimmers and waterpolo players visited the lovely church and gathered to hear a mass at the Manikata Parish Church. Rev. Reginald Magri prayed with us and wished Sirens a good season.


Specials thanks go to our Chairman Mark Anthony Caruana, Marian and Jeffrey Bugeja, Brian Hansford, Bernard Sammut, Nicky Saliba, Frankie and Caroline Grech Carr, Neil Galea, St. Aloysius Scouts  Group, Local Council and all those parents who donated their time and food.

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