Danica Bonello Spiteri ComPetes in Xterra World Championships in Hawaii

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 15:49

Triathlete Danica Bonello Spiteri has wrapped up her 2014 season with the

Xterra World Championships in Maui. Earlier in August, Bonello Spiteri won
the ITU World Cross Triathlon Championship earning her a qualification slot
to race at the original island where Xterra was born almost 20 years ago, in
Maui Hawaii.

Forty countries were represented in Maui,and Bonello Spiteri was the first
and only Maltese ever to compete at such a high level event in cross
triathlon. The race stood true to its meaning of being a truly offroad race,
including the sea section. The sea swim at DT Fleming beach offered a strong
underwater current along with a massive swell and waves that made the
athletes work harder at their swimming skills. Bonello Spiteri exited the
water as 6th female overall (and first in her age group), and headed out
onto the arduous bike section. This was an area she struggled in and lost
ground, as the first 8km of the bike section were uphill, including steep,
slippery slopes. This was followed by steep rocky descents and multiple
sharp twists that required high biking technical skills. Getting off the
bike, Bonello Spiteri knew she had lost considerable ground, but that she
needed to work hard on the run, which is a forte for her. The 10km trail run
was basically a 5km uphill run in steep slippery, muddy slopes, followed by
technical downhills with an additional 25% gradient 400m climb at the 8km
mark. The final stretch was a 600m run across the sandy beach up to the
finish. Bonello Spiteri found the run quite hard on her legs, but managed to
clamber back a few positions. She had the 6th fastest run of all the
females, and landed her in the 4th position overall in her category, in a
total time of 3 hours 42mins.

“Racing in the Xterra World Championship Race has been a great eye opener
for me on just how hard a cross triathlon can be. I am just off the podium
and I know where I lost valuable time, so I know that I will train much
harder for cross triathlon and will be back to win this race title one day.
I have also been fortunate enough to be approached by Ecco Sports who have
been very keen to support me for this special race. I plan to continue
exploring more of cross triathlon and trail running and being provided with
the correct equipment, such as good grip trail BIOM shoes, is crucial. My
season now comes to an end for 2014, and I wish to thank my sponsors
www.buffmalta.com  and BBB cycling for their continuous support.” Concluded
Bonello Spiteri after finishing the race.

Danica after the race
Photo Credit: Etienne Bonello

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