37 years after the First Edition of ‘ Yachting in Malta’

Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 11:12

The 10th Edition of Yachting in Malta meant for distribution during 2013 and 2014 has just been launched 37 years after the publication of the first edition in 1976.


Yachting in Malta, acknowledged as the definite directory to the services and facilities of the yachting industry inMalta, is primarily addressed to visiting yachtsmen, and touches on various topics that are bound to make a yachtsman’s sojourn inMalta a far more worthwhile experience. Detailed information is presented on theIslands’ yachting centres with a focus on every marina’s Neighbourhood. Other topics presented are related to Yacht Repair Facilities, Yacht Chartering, Maritime Law, and Marine Insurance.  An interesting and useful listing is entitled Brands Mini Directory, where maritime products/brands and theirMalta representatives are given.  An extensive presentation is entitled At Your Service where the profiles of the various services provides are listed.


Yachting in Malta also offers useful information related to tourism, nautical sport, diving attractions, maritime history museums, traditions and fiestas programmes as well as suggestion on various property opportunities.  Two photographic documentations, one related to the exclusive sailing works of Kurt Arrigo and the other presenting a selection of superyachts on aMalta visit by Capt. Lawrence Dalli, make up an eye-catching collection. The Foreword of this edition is presented by Godwin Zammit Commodore of the Royal Malta Yacht Club.


A major attraction in this issue is the introduction of the first number of Touchdown Malta a special 32-page supplement on Business Aviation where since 2010, when the Aircraft Registration Act was passed, Malta’s reputation for being an attractive location for business aviation has grown.  Touchdown Malta projects the enthusiasm, proficiency and selection of what’s on the country’s agenda and whyMalta is attracting prestigious aviation names to make theIsland their base of operations, as well as others who seek to utilise the various available services and facilities. The Foreword of this first number is written by Fabio Gamba, CEO of the European Business Aviation Association.

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