3 Podium Finish for Maltese Riders in FMI Minimoto Championship

Monday, July 9, 2012, 16:16


On 1st July, the third race of the Sicilian Minimoto Championship was held in SoleLuna track in Vittoria.Six young Maltese Minimoto riders made it to Vittoria to compete in the 3rd Round of the FMI MiniMoto Championship in Sicily.  The F.M.I. licence required to participate in the FMI Championships is being made possible by the intervention of ASM – Malta.


After 2 days of intensive training and bike setting, the Maltese drivers performed  excellently both in practice and during racing.  On Sunday morning Dylan Cauchi registered the best lap time of 35.803 seconds, while Glenn Schembri recorded second best lap time with 35.89 seconds.


The race started at 3.30pm when the drivers had to face yet another obstacle: the hot ambient and track temperatures.  On the start of the race 13 year old Glenn Schembri immediately took the lead which he kept during the race and obtained an advantage of 4.349 seconds on the finish line.


Dylan Cauchi struggled for 2nd place with another Maltese rider Gabriel Spiteri, a duel which ended with Gabriel gaining the 2nd place and Dylan 3rd.


Shannon Cauchi, Danilo Sapienza, Paolo Bentivenga and Ryan Faenza had an exciting battle for the following positions during most of the race, ending with Shannon in the 4th place followed by Danilo.


Ryan finished the race in the 6th place while another Maltese driver Dion Farrugia finished in the 7th place because of an intermittent ignition fault.  Engine verifications were made by FMI officials after the race for the first 3 drivers. All proved well for the Maltese riders and gaining podium placing.The 4th Round on the FMI MiniMoto National Championship will be held next September in ‘Pista del Sole’ in Melilli.

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