3 Medals for Azzopardi in the BR Italia Finals

Saturday, October 4, 2014, 13:30

Rifle shooter Patrick Azzopardi hit podium 3 times in three different distances competitions ‘Varmint’ Class at the BR Italia Mediterranean Finals held in Siena Toscana.

In the first Competition on 100 mtr Patrick hit the target with the Maximum score of 100 points, same of Brancato Gaetano, in the second round Patrick hit 98 and place in 3rd place, in the afternoon, started the second competition on the 200mtr, this competition was dominated with high humidity and mirage, on the first round Patrick hit 95pts and in the second round hit 97pts, and place 2nd.

Last competition was on two targets in 30min ,one 100mtr and other target in 200mtr hit 98 pts in 100mtr and hit 97 at the 200mtr also winning the 2nd place.

The other Maltese shooter was Mario Mifsud shoot in the Sniper Class and finish at the 6th place hit 96pt and 97pts

The winners for the

Brancato Gaetano 200pt Cal.222
Trenti Ermanno 199pt Cal 6PPC
Azzopardi Patrick 198pt Cal.222

Brancato Gaetano 195pt Cal.222
Azzopardi Patrick 192pt Cal.222
Donadi Pier Luciano 191pt Cal 6PPC


Brancato Gaetano 396pt Cal.222
Azzopardi Patrick 394pt Cal.222
Donadi Pier Luciano 392pt Cal 6PPC

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