2015 Royal Malta Yacht Club Match Racing Winter Series comes to a close

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 13:26

The final knock out series of the RMYC Match Racing Winter Series 2015 was held over Easter weekend and whilst seven teams registered to take part it was six teams that eventually competed.


The Match Racing Winter Series consisted of six individual days of round robin competitions between four different teams on each day. Each team raced each other an average of ten times over the six days during winter.


Teams were were classified according to the results of the individual race days based on the percentage number of wins. This classification determined the teams’ seeding in the final knock out series. The knockout series sees bottom placed teams race against their closest rivals to knock them out of the competition and challenge the better placed teams. This saw teams get a possibility to knock out the overall leader to win the Series.


The first match between sixth and fifth placed teams was won by Patrick Vassallo. The second match against Matthew Fleri Soler was also won by Vassallo who knocked out Fleri Soler to take fourth Place. In the third match Kurt Camilleri Burlo’ earned the right to challenge David Anastasi by knocking out Vassallo.


The fourth match was a best of five between Camilleri Burlo’ and Anastasi. Camilleri Burlo’ won the first match easily but Anastasi came back to win the next three to knock out Camilleri Burlo’.


The final was a best of five between Anastasi and Ray Condachi’s team of Matthew Scicluna, Zach Zammit and Fabio Galea. Shifty conditions made for a difficult and exciting race. Anastasi’s team controlled the first pre-start by crossing to the right of Condachi who entered first on starboard however the wind dropped and Anastasi trailed behind Condachi to lose the first match. The second match saw Anastasi enter from starboard and dominate Condachi to win the start and the race by a good margin. After changing boats for the third and fourth match David Anastasi’s team of Mark Vassallo, Tom Bonello Ghio and Karl Miggiani emerged the overall winners of the 2015 RMYC Match Racing Winter Series.


Mark Vassallo, mainsheet and spinnaker trimmer for Anastasi’s team enthused – ‘It was a great event where the level improved considerably as we approached the final. Our team work got sharper race after race. Tom and Karl, the two youngest members of our team did a great job with boat handling and tactics. We all thank the RMYC, the Race Committee and the Umpires who voluntarily gave their time to make this series a success”.


Second placed Ray Condachi, and his team composed of Fabio Galea, Zach Zammit and Matthew Scicluna, echoed Vassallo’s sentiments. “Notwithstanding we had two members of the team dropping out on some races, finding last minute replacements not being an easy task as well as being at a disadvantage since we hadn’t been racing together for long, we managed to find replacements and win all six races in day six,” said Condachi. “The final knockout day offered a very tricky wind direction with many shifts and sudden drops in wind strength. Even though we had good starts, our slight loss in boat speed cost us the race. We need to brush up our team work and will certainly be in a better winning position in the next event”.


The winner of the 2015 RMYC Match Racing Winter Series has qualified for the selection event to choose the team which will represent Malta at the International Competition for the Gertrude Cup to be held in the UK this summer. Four other teams will be chosen from other RMYC competitions, with the final selection event to be held between the 13th and 14th June.


The Royal Malta Yacht Club is grateful towards the volunteers who gave in their time, effort and expertise in order to ensure the success of the 2015 Royal Malta Yacht Club Match Racing Winter Series. Special mention goes to Luca Lacitignola, Brian Darmanin, Paul Ellul, Francesca Vincenti and Peter Dimech.

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