2012 TENOVAR National Championships at the SuperBowl

Friday, May 18, 2012, 10:04

This weekend the Eden SuperBowl will host the 2012 TENOVAR National Championships, which is organised by the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association and is the most prestigious event in the national bowling calendar.

The TENOVAR National Championships will be played to a simple, tried and tested three day format, each day’s session comprising eight games, for a final total of 24 games. Competition begins on Saturday afternoon, continuing early on Sunday morning, and coming to a conclusion on Monday night when the winners will finally be known. This is a ‘scratch’ event, meaning there are no individual handicaps or other bonus point system applied, ensuring that the eventual champions will be those at the peak of their game, fully deserving of their respective titles of male and female TENOVAR National Champions.

Another tough test for the competitors is the now standard adoption of a dual lane conditions, wherein two different lane oil patterns will be applied during the event. Day one will see them play on one particular pattern, while that used for day two will be of a very different shape, and longer pattern length.

The final Monday night session will then be competed on ‘dual oil’, in that each pair of lanes will be dressed with one pattern on the left lane, and the second pattern on the right hand lane. This lane dressing method truly is a test of any tenpin bowler’s mettle.

Other than their much coveted titles, the two new TENOVAR National Champions will also be rewarded with the chance to represent Malta in this year’s European Champions Cup, to be held in The Hague (Netherlands) 15 – 22 October.

The bowling schedule for the 2012 TENOVAR National Championships will be:

Saturday 19th May, 1400

Sunday 20th May, 0930

Monday 21st May, 2000

Spectators are more than welcome at the Eden SuperBowl.




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