2010/11 Futsal Fixtures published

Friday, September 24, 2010, 17:02

The 2010/11 Futsal season is well underway with some top notch encounters already played at the Corradino Sports Pavilion. We proudly announce that this site has joined forces with the former Scandals Futsal Team and a sponsorship agreement has been reached. Therefore the new team is called Scandals sportinmalta.com.

All first, second and third Division games are played at Corradino in Paola. 



MFA Futsal First Division Fixtures 2010/11 

Mon-13-Sep-2010 7.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-13-Sep-2010 9.00pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Los Street Boyz
Thu-16-Sep-2010 7.30pm White Eagles Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-16-Sep-2010 8.45pm Sliema Bilbao Paola Downtown
Mon-20-Sep-2010 7.45pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-20-Sep-2010 9.00pm Los Street Boyz Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Thu-23-Sep-2010 7.30pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) White Eagles
Thu-23-Sep-2010 8.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Sliema Bilbao
Mon-27-Sep-2010 7.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Scandals sportinmalta.com
Mon-27-Sep-2010 9.00pm Paola Downtown River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Thu-30-Sep-2010 7.30pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. White Eagles
Thu-30-Sep-2010 8.45pm Sliema Bilbao ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-04-Oct-2010 7.45pm Los Street Boyz Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-04-Oct-2010 9.00pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-07-Oct-2010 7.30pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Paola Downtown
Thu-07-Oct-2010 8.45pm White Eagles Sliema Bilbao
Mon-18-Oct-2010 7.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Mon-18-Oct-2010 9.00pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Thu-21-Oct-2010 7.30pm Paola Downtown Los Street Boyz
Thu-21-Oct-2010 8.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Scandals sportinmalta.com
Mon-25-Oct-2010 7.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Sliema Bilbao
Mon-25-Oct-2010 9.00pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club White Eagles
Thu-28-Oct-2010 7.30pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Paola Downtown
Thu-28-Oct-2010 8.45pm Scandals sportinmalta.com ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Thu-11-Nov-2010 7.30pm Los Street Boyz Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-11-Nov-2010 8.45pm Sliema Bilbao River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-15-Nov-2010 7.45pm Paola Downtown Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Mon-15-Nov-2010 9.00pm White Eagles Scandals sportinmalta.com
Thu-18-Nov-2010 7.30pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Thu-18-Nov-2010 8.45pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Los Street Boyz
Mon-22-Nov-2010 7.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-22-Nov-2010 9.00pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Sliema Bilbao
Thu-25-Nov-2010 7.30pm Paola Downtown Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-25-Nov-2010 8.45pm Los Street Boyz White Eagles
Mon-29-Nov-2010 7.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-29-Nov-2010 9.00pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Scandals sportinmalta.com
Mon-03-Jan-2011 7.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Mon-03-Jan-2011 9.00pm Sliema Bilbao Los Street Boyz
Thu-06-Jan-2011 7.30pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Paola Downtown
Thu-06-Jan-2011 8.45pm White Eagles Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-10-Jan-2011 7.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Scandals sportinmalta.com
Mon-10-Jan-2011 9.00pm Los Street Boyz River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-31-Jan-2011 7.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-31-Jan-2011 9.00pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Sliema Bilbao
Thu-03-Feb-2011 7.30pm Paola Downtown White Eagles
Thu-03-Feb-2011 8.45pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Mon-07-Feb-2011 7.45pm Los Street Boyz Scandals sportinmalta.com
Mon-07-Feb-2011 9.00pm Naxxar Motors Futsal White Eagles
Thu-10-Feb-2011 7.30pm Paola Downtown Sliema Bilbao
Thu-10-Feb-2011 8.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-14-Feb-2011 7.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Los Street Boyz
Mon-14-Feb-2011 9.00pm White Eagles ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Thu-17-Feb-2011 7.30pm Sliema Bilbao Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-17-Feb-2011 8.45pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-21-Feb-2011 7.45pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Paola Downtown
Mon-21-Feb-2011 9.00pm White Eagles Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Thu-03-Mar-2011 7.30pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Sliema Bilbao
Thu-03-Mar-2011 8.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Los Street Boyz
Mon-07-Mar-2011 7.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-07-Mar-2011 9.00pm Paola Downtown Scandals sportinmalta.com
Thu-10-Mar-2011 7.30pm Sliema Bilbao White Eagles
Thu-10-Mar-2011 8.45pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-14-Mar-2011 7.45pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-14-Mar-2011 9.00pm Los Street Boyz Paola Downtown
Thu-17-Mar-2011 7.30pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-17-Mar-2011 8.45pm Sliema Bilbao Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Mon-21-Mar-2011 7.45pm White Eagles River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-21-Mar-2011 9.00pm Paola Downtown Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Thu-24-Mar-2011 7.30pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Scandals sportinmalta.com
Thu-24-Mar-2011 8.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Los Street Boyz
Mon-28-Mar-2011 7.45pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Sliema Bilbao
Mon-28-Mar-2011 9.00pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Paola Downtown
Thu-31-Mar-2011 7.30pm Scandals sportinmalta.com White Eagles
Thu-31-Mar-2011 8.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC Naxxar Motors Futsal
Mon-04-Apr-2011 7.45pm Los Street Boyz ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-04-Apr-2011 9.00pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Thu-07-Apr-2011 7.30pm Sliema Bilbao Scandals sportinmalta.com
Thu-07-Apr-2011 8.45pm Naxxar Motors Futsal Paola Downtown
Thu-14-Apr-2011 7.30pm White Eagles Los Street Boyz
Thu-14-Apr-2011 8.45pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-18-Apr-2011 7.45pm Scandals sportinmalta.com River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club
Mon-18-Apr-2011 9.00pm Pentagon Properties B.F.C. Naxxar Motors Futsal
Thu-21-Apr-2011 7.30pm Los Street Boyz Sliema Bilbao
Thu-21-Apr-2011 8.45pm Paola Downtown ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club)
Mon-25-Apr-2011 7.45pm Luxol Amazon Cinco FC White Eagles
Mon-25-Apr-2011 9.00pm Scandals sportinmalta.com Pentagon Properties B.F.C.
Thu-28-Apr-2011 7.30pm River Plate Bidnija Futsal Club Los Street Boyz
Thu-28-Apr-2011 8.45pm ZC Excess Lazio (Futsal Club) Naxxar Motors Futsal
Mon-02-May-2011 7.45pm Sliema Bilbao Luxol Amazon Cinco FC
Mon-02-May-2011 9.00pm White Eagles Paola Downtown
Fri-06-May-2011 SF L1    
Fri-06-May-2011 SF L1    
Fri-13-May-2011 SF L2    
Fri-13-May-2011 SF L2    
Fri-20-May-2011 FINAL    


MFA Futsal Second Division Fixtures 2010/11 

Tue-14-Sep-2010 8.15pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Valletta St Paul’s
Tue-21-Sep-2010 8.15pm Todos Zurrieq FC
Fri-24-Sep-2010 8.15pm Capital Boys Korol Attrans
Sat-25-Sep-2010 2.00pm Urban Sports Bianco’s FC
Sat-25-Sep-2010 3.00pm Southenders Bezzina Lazio Supporters Club Malta
Tue-28-Sep-2010 8.15pm Riviera FC Kerygma
Fri-01-Oct-2010 8.15pm Valletta St Paul’s Capital Boys
Sat-02-Oct-2010 2.00pm Zurrieq FC Tal-Werqa S.G.
Sat-02-Oct-2010 3.00pm Bianco’s FC Todos
Tue-05-Oct-2010 8.15pm Korol Attrans Southenders Bezzina
Fri-08-Oct-2010 8.15pm Kerygma Urban Sports
Sat-09-Oct-2010 2.00pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Riviera FC
Sat-09-Oct-2010 3.00pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Capital Boys
Sat-16-Oct-2010 2.00pm Zurrieq FC Bianco’s FC
Sat-16-Oct-2010 3.00pm Southenders Bezzina Valletta St Paul’s
Tue-19-Oct-2010 8.15pm Todos Kerygma
Fri-22-Oct-2010 8.15pm Riviera FC Korol Attrans
Sat-23-Oct-2010 2.00pm Urban Sports Lazio Supporters Club Malta
Tue-26-Oct-2010 8.15pm Capital Boys Southenders Bezzina
Fri-29-Oct-2010 8.15pm Bianco’s FC Tal-Werqa S.G.
Sat-30-Oct-2010 2.00pm Kerygma Zurrieq FC
Sat-30-Oct-2010 3.00pm Valletta St Paul’s Riviera FC
Fri-12-Nov-2010 8.15pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Todos
Sat-13-Nov-2010 2.00pm Korol Attrans Urban Sports
Sat-13-Nov-2010 3.00pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Southenders Bezzina
Tue-16-Nov-2010 8.15pm Bianco’s FC Kerygma
Fri-19-Nov-2010 8.15pm Riviera FC Capital Boys
Sat-20-Nov-2010 2.00pm Zurrieq FC Lazio Supporters Club Malta
Sat-20-Nov-2010 3.00pm Urban Sports Valletta St Paul’s
Tue-23-Nov-2010 8.15pm Todos Korol Attrans
Fri-26-Nov-2010 8.15pm Southenders Bezzina Riviera FC
Sat-27-Nov-2010 2.00pm Kerygma Tal-Werqa S.G.
Sat-27-Nov-2010 3.00pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Bianco’s FC
Tue-30-Nov-2010 8.15pm Capital Boys Urban Sports
Tue-04-Jan-2011 8.15pm Korol Attrans Zurrieq FC
Fri-07-Jan-2011 8.15pm Valletta St Paul’s Todos
Sat-08-Jan-2011 2.00pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Riviera FC
Sat-08-Jan-2011 3.00pm Kerygma Lazio Supporters Club Malta
Tue-11-Jan-2011 8.15pm Urban Sports Southenders Bezzina
Tue-01-Feb-2011 8.15pm Bianco’s FC Korol Attrans
Fri-04-Feb-2011 8.15pm Todos Capital Boys
Sat-05-Feb-2011 2.00pm Zurrieq FC Valletta St Paul’s
Sat-05-Feb-2011 3.00pm Riviera FC Urban Sports
Tue-08-Feb-2011 8.15pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Tal-Werqa S.G.
Fri-11-Feb-2011 8.15pm Korol Attrans Kerygma
Sat-12-Feb-2011 2.00pm Southenders Bezzina Todos
Sat-12-Feb-2011 3.00pm Valletta St Paul’s Bianco’s FC
Tue-15-Feb-2011 8.15pm Capital Boys Zurrieq FC
Fri-18-Feb-2011 8.15pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Urban Sports
Sat-19-Feb-2011 2.00pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Korol Attrans
Sat-19-Feb-2011 3.00pm Todos Riviera FC
Tue-01-Mar-2011 8.15pm Kerygma Valletta St Paul’s
Fri-04-Mar-2011 8.15pm Zurrieq FC Southenders Bezzina
Sat-05-Mar-2011 2.00pm Bianco’s FC Capital Boys
Sat-05-Mar-2011 3.00pm Urban Sports Todos
Tue-08-Mar-2011 8.15pm Korol Attrans Tal-Werqa S.G.
Fri-11-Mar-2011 8.15pm Valletta St Paul’s Lazio Supporters Club Malta
Sat-12-Mar-2011 2.00pm Riviera FC Zurrieq FC
Sat-12-Mar-2011 3.00pm Capital Boys Kerygma
Tue-15-Mar-2011 8.15pm Southenders Bezzina Bianco’s FC
Fri-18-Mar-2011 8.15pm Tal-Werqa S.G. Todos
Sat-19-Mar-2011 2.00pm Korol Attrans Valletta St Paul’s
Sat-19-Mar-2011 3.00pm Zurrieq FC Urban Sports
Tue-22-Mar-2011 8.15pm Lazio Supporters Club Malta Capital Boys
Fri-25-Mar-2011 8.15pm Bianco’s FC Riviera FC
Sat-26-Mar-2011 2.00pm Kerygma Southenders Bezzina
Sat-26-Mar-2011 3.00pm U Z
Tue-29-Mar-2011 8.15pm A F
Fri-01-Apr-2011 8.15pm V Y
Sat-02-Apr-2011 2.00pm B E
Sat-02-Apr-2011 3.00pm W X
Tue-05-Apr-2011 8.15pm C D
Fri-15-Apr-2011 8.15pm U Y
Sat-16-Apr-2011 2.00pm A E
Sat-16-Apr-2011 3.00pm Z X
Tue-19-Apr-2011 8.15pm F D
Sat-23-Apr-2011 2.00pm V W
Sat-23-Apr-2011 3.00pm B C
Tue-26-Apr-2011 8.15pm U X
Fri-29-Apr-2011 8.15pm A D
Sat-30-Apr-2011 2.00pm Y W
Sat-30-Apr-2011 3.00pm E C
Tue-03-May-2011 8.15pm Z V
Thu-05-May-2011 8.15pm F B
Sat-07-May-2011 2.00pm U W
Sat-07-May-2011 3.00pm A C
Mon-09-May-2011 8.15pm X V
Tue-10-May-2011 8.15pm D B
Thu-12-May-2011 8.15pm Y Z
Sat-14-May-2011 2.00pm E F
Sat-14-May-2011 3.00pm U V
Tue-17-May-2011 8.15pm A B
Thu-19-May-2011 8.15pm W Z
Sat-21-May-2011 2.00pm C F
Sat-21-May-2011 3.00pm X Y
Sat-21-May-2011 4.00pm D E
Mon-30-May-2011 8.15pm 3rd Placed Relegation Pool 2nd Div 3rd Placed 3rd Division


MFA Futsal Thirds Division Fixtures 2010/11 

Date Time  
Tue-14-Sep-2010 9.30pm Bobs Hamrun Spartans FC
Tue-21-Sep-2010 9.30pm Fugazi 5 AC Trampi
Fri-24-Sep-2010 9.30pm Zurrieq Old Boys Luqa St Andrews FC
Tue-28-Sep-2010 9.30pm New Team Futsal Club Paola Stars
Fri-01-Oct-2010 9.30pm Pieta Futsal City Boys
Tue-05-Oct-2010 9.30pm Head Hunters F.C. Red Marleys
Fri-08-Oct-2010 9.30pm Classics Futsal Club Gladiators Futsal Team
Mon-11-Oct-2010 8.15pm Bobs Fugazi 5
Mon-11-Oct-2010 9.15pm Zurrieq Old Boys Hamrun Spartans FC
Tue-12-Oct-2010 8.15pm New Team Futsal Club AC Trampi
Tue-12-Oct-2010 9.15pm Pieta Futsal Luqa St Andrews FC
Tue-19-Oct-2010 9.30pm Head Hunters F.C. Paola Stars
Fri-22-Oct-2010 9.30pm Classics Futsal Club City Boys
Sat-23-Oct-2010 3.15pm Gladiators Futsal Team Red Marleys
Tue-26-Oct-2010 9.30pm Bobs Zurrieq Old Boys
Fri-29-Oct-2010 9.30pm New Team Futsal Club Fugazi 5
Mon-01-Nov-2010 8.15pm Pieta Futsal Hamrun Spartans FC
Mon-01-Nov-2010 9.15pm Head Hunters F.C. AC Trampi
Tue-02-Nov-2010 8.15pm Classics Futsal Club Luqa St Andrews FC
Tue-02-Nov-2010 9.15pm Gladiators Futsal Team Paola Stars
Thu-04-Nov-2010 8.15pm Red Marleys City Boys
Thu-04-Nov-2010 9.15pm Bobs New Team Futsal Club
Fri-05-Nov-2010 8.15pm Pieta Futsal Zurrieq Old Boys
Fri-05-Nov-2010 9.15pm Head Hunters F.C. Fugazi 5
Sat-06-Nov-2010 2.00pm Classics Futsal Club Hamrun Spartans FC
Sat-06-Nov-2010 3.00pm Gladiators Futsal Team AC Trampi
Mon-08-Nov-2010 8.15pm Red Marleys Luqa St Andrews FC
Mon-08-Nov-2010 9.15pm City Boys Paola Stars
Tue-09-Nov-2010 8.15pm Bobs Pieta Futsal
Tue-09-Nov-2010 9.15pm Head Hunters F.C. New Team Futsal Club
Fri-12-Nov-2010 9.30pm Classics Futsal Club Zurrieq Old Boys
Tue-16-Nov-2010 9.30pm Gladiators Futsal Team Fugazi 5
Fri-19-Nov-2010 9.30pm Red Marleys Hamrun Spartans FC
Tue-23-Nov-2010 9.30pm City Boys AC Trampi
Fri-26-Nov-2010 9.30pm Paola Stars Luqa St Andrews FC
Tue-30-Nov-2010 9.30pm Bobs Head Hunters F.C.
Thu-16-Dec-2010 8.15pm Classics Futsal Club Pieta Futsal
Thu-16-Dec-2010 9.15pm Gladiators Futsal Team New Team Futsal Club
Fri-17-Dec-2010 8.15pm Red Marleys Zurrieq Old Boys
Fri-17-Dec-2010 9.15pm City Boys Fugazi 5
Tue-04-Jan-2011 9.30pm Paola Stars Hamrun Spartans FC
Fri-07-Jan-2011 9.30pm Luqa St Andrews FC AC Trampi
Tue-11-Jan-2011 9.30pm Bobs Classics Futsal Club
Thu-13-Jan-2011 8.15pm Gladiators Futsal Team Head Hunters F.C.
Thu-13-Jan-2011 9.15pm Red Marleys Pieta Futsal
Fri-14-Jan-2011 8.15pm City Boys New Team Futsal Club
Fri-14-Jan-2011 9.15pm Paola Stars Zurrieq Old Boys
Mon-17-Jan-2011 8.15pm Luqa St Andrews FC Fugazi 5
Mon-17-Jan-2011 9.15pm AC Trampi Hamrun Spartans FC
Tue-18-Jan-2011 8.15pm Bobs Gladiators Futsal Team
Tue-18-Jan-2011 9.15pm Red Marleys Classics Futsal Club
Tue-01-Feb-2011 9.30pm City Boys Head Hunters F.C.
Fri-04-Feb-2011 9.30pm Paola Stars Pieta Futsal
Tue-08-Feb-2011 9.30pm Luqa St Andrews FC New Team Futsal Club
Fri-11-Feb-2011 9.30pm AC Trampi Zurrieq Old Boys
Tue-15-Feb-2011 9.30pm Hamrun Spartans FC Fugazi 5
Fri-18-Feb-2011 9.30pm Bobs Red Marleys
Thu-24-Feb-2011 8.15pm City Boys Gladiators Futsal Team
Thu-24-Feb-2011 9.15pm Paola Stars Classics Futsal Club
Fri-25-Feb-2011 8.15pm Luqa St Andrews FC Head Hunters F.C.
Fri-25-Feb-2011 9.15pm AC Trampi Pieta Futsal
Sat-26-Feb-2011 2.00pm Hamrun Spartans FC New Team Futsal Club
Sat-26-Feb-2011 3.00pm Fugazi 5 Zurrieq Old Boys
Tue-01-Mar-2011 9.30pm Bobs City Boys
Fri-04-Mar-2011 9.30pm Paola Stars Red Marleys
Tue-08-Mar-2011 9.30pm Luqa St Andrews FC Gladiators Futsal Team
Fri-11-Mar-2011 9.30pm AC Trampi Classics Futsal Club
Tue-15-Mar-2011 9.30pm Hamrun Spartans FC Head Hunters F.C.
Fri-18-Mar-2011 9.30pm Fugazi 5 Pieta Futsal
Tue-22-Mar-2011 9.30pm Zurrieq Old Boys New Team Futsal Club
Fri-25-Mar-2011 9.30pm Bobs Paola Stars
Tue-29-Mar-2011 9.30pm Luqa St Andrews FC City Boys
Fri-01-Apr-2011 9.30pm AC Trampi Red Marleys
Tue-05-Apr-2011 9.30pm Hamrun Spartans FC Gladiators Futsal Team
Mon-11-Apr-2011 8.15pm Fugazi 5 Classics Futsal Club
Mon-11-Apr-2011 9.15pm Zurrieq Old Boys Head Hunters F.C.
Tue-12-Apr-2011 8.15pm New Team Futsal Club Pieta Futsal
Tue-12-Apr-2011 9.15pm Bobs Luqa St Andrews FC
Fri-15-Apr-2011 9.30pm AC Trampi Paola Stars
Tue-19-Apr-2011 9.30pm Hamrun Spartans FC City Boys
Tue-26-Apr-2011 9.30pm Fugazi 5 Red Marleys
Fri-29-Apr-2011 9.30pm Zurrieq Old Boys Gladiators Futsal Team
Tue-03-May-2011 9.30pm New Team Futsal Club Classics Futsal Club
Thu-05-May-2011 9.30pm Pieta Futsal Head Hunters F.C.
Mon-09-May-2011 9.30pm Bobs AC Trampi
Tue-10-May-2011 9.30pm Hamrun Spartans FC Luqa St Andrews FC
Thu-12-May-2011 9.30pm Fugazi 5 Paola Stars
Sun-15-May-2011 11.00am Zurrieq Old Boys City Boys
Sun-15-May-2011 12.00 New Team Futsal Club Red Marleys
Tue-17-May-2011 9.30pm Pieta Futsal Gladiators Futsal Team
Thu-19-May-2011 9.30pm Head Hunters F.C. Classics Futsal Club
Mon-30-May-2011 8.15pm 3rd Placed Relegation Pool 2nd Div 3rd Placed 3rd Division

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