20 tumoli area for firearms Shooting Range

Saturday, June 19, 2010, 22:11

The Handaq Target Shooting Range has finally been approved by the Police Commissioner after a long uphill struggle.

The opening was finally held this morning with a competition organised between all the Shooting clubs in Malta and Gozo where six of the best marksmen would be competing from each club.

For the first time in Malta a civil shooting range (all other such ranges are run by AFM/Police) will be the venue of many hundreds of legitimate firearms’ owners who no longer need to run off to neighbouring Sicily to enjoy their pastime – handgun target shooting!

This Government land around 20 tumoli in area - previously used as a quarry where some 35 years ago all the animals (swine and bovines) were disposed off during a major cull during the African Swine Fever and Foot & Mouth epidemics was leased to the Qormi Shooting Club for clay pigeon shooting.

Thanks to Raymond Giordmaina the place was rehabilitated and with the more recent Weapons Act and with the direct involvement of our team with private funding the site was converted into a challenging and safe shooting range to cater for pistol/revolver shooting, air rifle Field Target and HFT disciplines and in the near future also for centre fire rifle shooting.

The gun enthusiasts lobby which is considerable in size includes many hunters who are sensible enough to take up new sports that can be rewarding just as much as Trap Shooting with celebrities like William who has done Malta proud on numerous occasions on the International scene.

Another possibility is the tapping of a potentially lucrative niche’ tourism market where we can take full advantage of our ideal weather to attract foreigners to come to shoot in Malta…and the demand already exists. A case in point is Cyprus where UK shooters literally flock to enjoy shooting disciplines that are not possible in their country.

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