20 athletes awarded Black Belt for the Malta Karate Federation

Saturday, August 12, 2017, 11:00

Above – top from left :- Rebecca Spiteri, Michela Rapa, Karl Anastasi, Sensei Anthony Zammit, Sensei James Galea, Jesmond Schembri, Christina Tonna, Gabriel Camilleri

Bottom from left :- Christopher Zahra , Annabel Vella, Luke Galea, Melvin Pace, Gary Magri, Carl Muscat

Above – top from left :- David Pulis, Elizabeth Grech, Peter Grech, Salvatore La Magna, Sensei Anthony Zammit, Sensei James Galea, Sensei Jason Edward, Nathan Axiak, Matthew Pisani, Sorin Nicodimescu.

Bottom from left :- Dimitar Petrov, Matthew Vella, Nicole Camilleri, Daniel Mifsud, Dustin Sammut

Black Belt examination grading was held on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July 2017 at Mgarr Karate Club, Mgarr where we have seen 23 athletes grading for Black Belt in various levels namely Shodan (1st Dan), Nidan (2nd Dan), Sandan (3rd Dan) and Yondan (4th Dan).

The Examining Board was made up of MKF Technical Director Sensei James Galea 6th Dan, MKF Chief Referee Sensei Anthony Zammit 6th Dan, Sensei Jason Edwards 5th Dan.

‘Physical and mental preparation as well as a high level of endurance is required to attain such level in Karate and we are very pleased with the results achieved today.’ These were the comments of Sensei James Galea , Technical Director of The Malta Karate Federation.

The successful candidates are:

4th Dan

Sensei Karl Anastasi

Jesmond Schembri

3rd Dan
David Pulis

2nd Dan

Luke Galea

Gabriel Camilleri

Carl Muscat

Michaela Rapa

Rebecca Spiteri

Annabel Vella

Christina Tonna

Christina Zahra

Gary Magri

Melvin Pace

 1st Dan

Daniel Mifsud

Nicole Camilleri

Dustin Sammut

Dimitar Petrov

Salvatore La Magna

Matthew Vella

Elizabeth Grech

Nathan Axiak


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