1600 Judoka in a Tournament in Italy – Our Saywell bronze!

Monday, February 28, 2011, 13:34
Jeremy Saywell

Jeremy Saywell

The Maltese Judo Squad participated at the prestigious Judo Vittorio Veneto – 23rd International Tournament on the 19th and the 20th of February in the Italian Region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. 1600 Judoka from 230 teams from 12 countries participated at this event. The squad was made of Jeremy Saywell (Junior 66kgs) – Bronze Medal, Brent Law (Senior 60kgs), James Falzon (Senior 66kgs), and Joanna Camilleri (Senior 63kgs) – 5th Place, accompanied by Marcon Bezzina.

Jeremy started off on the right track, eliminating Schiocchet Mirco ITA who was playing on home soil, by Ippon (full points). He then met Maietta Marco ITA, and although Jeremy spent most of the time winning with a yuko (5 points), Maietta managed to beat our Saywell. Maietta then continued winning his fights till the final, where he placed 2nd after he lost to Piras Matteo, 5th at the Cadet European Championships 2009. As Maietta continued his fights past quarter final, Jeremy had his last opportunity to fight for the bronze medal, which was still a long way to go. He first eliminated Reboldi Nicola ITA by Ippon, then Braulin Luca ITA, 5th at the Cadet European Championships 2008, with an Ippon. The next contest was against Lopes Matteo, 3rd at the International Tournament Di Citta del Palio U20 2010. The final contest for the bronze medal was against Cici Silvio ITA, who had just lost the semi-final against the winner Piras. Cici attacked, however our Jeremy managed to twist and won the match with an Ippon, therefore stepping on the podium after winning 5 contests.

Joanna started off strong, eliminating Ptterle Michela, vice-champion of the Vittorio Veneto Tournament in 2009, and 5th at the Coppa Italia in November last year, with her strong strangle. Joanna won her next contest with Ippon against Santi Silvia. Her semi-final match was against Pagnessi Flavia, 3rd at the EYOD 1997, and in the last decade, once 1st, 4 times 2nd and twice 3rd at the Italian National Championships, and this year’s vice-champion at this tournament. Joanna lost her contest against Pagnessi in the last 30 seconds with a choke. Joanna then played her final match for the bronze medal fight against Fonsa Federica, 3 times on the podium in the last 3 Italian National Championships under 20 and under 23. The contest was a very well balanced one, and after the 5 minutes of contest time, they went into another 3 minutes of golden score. Few seconds from the end of the golden score, Joanna attacked and Fonsa countered Joanna for a score, and thus Joanna placed 5th.

Jeremy Saywell on the podium

Jeremy Saywell on the podium

Brent started off well, eliminating Francesconi Enrico ITA. However, it wasn’t Brent’s day, as he lost his next contest with Rosi Luca ITA, who in turn lost to Ticca Davide, who placed 3rd. As ROSI did not make it to the quarter final, Brent did have the opportunity to fight for the bronze medal.

James won his first 2 fights: against Calmatui Stan ITA and then against Mouhssin Othm (Marocco). He then lost his next contest with Penzo Cavaldo ITA, who in turn lost his fight before the quarter finals, thus not giving the opportunity to our James to continue in the repechage for the bronze medal.

Francesco Aufieri, accompanied by Vito Aufieri, also competed at this event in the Esordienti B category. He as well started off well, when he won his first contest. He then lost his second fight, but his opponent qualified him for repechage. However he lost his first repechage fight, thus placed 7th.

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