120 coaches for the MOC – OLYMPIC SOLIDARITY Course

Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 12:47

120 instructors from 22 national sports associations affiliated with the Maltese Olympic Committee are participating in the Olympic Solidarity course for coaches. Following interaction with the participants with positive results in the first exams held, those taking part had the opportunity to meet Dr Csaba Sos and Dr Tibor Kozsla from the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary during which the first exams in Sport Physiology were held.

The two day session held at the MOC Headquarters was officially opened by MOC President, Mr Julian Pace Bonello who made emphasis on the importance of such courses as well as on the interest shown by the participants from 22 national sports associations. Mr Bonello thanked all those who made this innovative course possible.

Those present were also addressed by MOC Secretary General, Mr Joseph Cassar who stressed on the relationship between the MOC and the Olympic Solidarity result of which was possible to organize such a high level course for coaches and instructors. Mr Cassar said that Olympic Solidarity has had a very successful relationship as they accepted all the new proposals made by the MOC in the sport education sector. After the successful innovative project of running a specialised youth coaching course on-line, OS accepted the proposal to introduce a similar project of qualifying national Instructors and coaches in Malta a first National Coach Qualification Structure for Malta.

Mr Envic Galea, MOC responsible director of the Course gave a general overview of what the course entails and at the same time explained the role of Dr Csaba Sos and Dr Tibor Kozsla who were instrumental in the preparation of coaches within the Hungarian Olympic structure. The MOC is running this course in collaboration with the National Federations as the MOC is running the Academic Theory courses on the Moodle platform on-line which gives maximum flexibility in study and the National Federations have appointed their tutors who are evaluating the students in their sport practical level. By January, the successful students will qualify as Instructors in their respective sport and immediately those who qualify will start studying to qualify as Coaches. These 2nd levels are equivalent to EQF (European Qualification Framework) level 3 and EQF level 4. It is hoped that OS will also support the 6 month course for the coaches to qualify as Pro Licence level EQF 5, thus introducing a professional qualification to Maltese coaches, in line with other European Countries and giving our sport professional technicians. Mr Galea thanked the Federations and the students for their enthusiasm.

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