“If I see I cannot develop Futsal any further I will quit” – Vic Hermans

Monday, September 5, 2011, 14:56

by Sandro Micallef

Vic Hermans makes an urgent appeal to MFA - "Change things now"

Dutch Futsal coach Vic Hermans has sent a strong and direct message to the MFA administration by being very straight forward and to the point about the current MFA Futsal regulations.

Despite having woken up the day after the Malta National Futsal team registered its very first ever historical home win in a full international match, Hermans showed little pride and joy when addressing a last minute call media conference at the Excelsior.

“When I look back at the two years I have spent here I realize that we have gone from strength to strength tactically in Futsal but there are other things that worry me and I am not happy about at the moment”

The Malta National Futsal coach was referring to the fact that the present MFA statute and players registrations regulations do not pave way for talented players who are currently playing 11 a side to play the indoor 5 a side match Futsal.

“I have been facing a awkward situation whereby some of my National team players were not given permission from their senior A team coach to come for training and for Malta International games”

He added, that whilst he admits that Football is much more popular than Futsal, coaches of senior teams must allow players to choose when to play Football and Futsal concurrently.

“I have been stressing the fact with the MFA that amateur players must be allowed to play both 11 a side football with their senior team and also Futsal at the same time.

At present an amateur player playing for a Second Division side in the BOV MFA 2nd Div league cannot play with a Futsal team unless his senior Club signs a loan form for a year. On the other hand if the same player is not property  of that 2nd Div Club (example the player is of Tarxien Rainbows and is loaned to Birzebbugia FC) that player cannot play Futsal because he is already loaned, and MFA regulations as they stand today permit only one loan per season for each player.

“I have worked and coached in Hong Kong, Malysia, Qatar, Iran and Holland and at a certain time I always looked at the mirror and said that if I accomplished a target or cannot go further due to problems I decide to quit”

Hermans who’s contract with MFA expires in May 2012 is determined not to commence discussions to renew his contract with the MFA if things do not change with immediate effect.

He also mentioned the fact that the MFA did not give the go ahead as yet for the Malta National Futsal team to play a preparation away match against Czech Republic on the eve of the Euro Futsal qualifiers scheduled for October in Georgia, as according to him the MFA said it costs a lot of money.

Robert Gatt promises at better future for Futsal

Disappointed with low public turn out

In his welcome address earlier Mark Muscat the Malta National team’s Media officer showed his disappointment at the fact that the general public did not turn up once again to support the Malta Futsal team even though the entrance was free. He encouraged the domestic Futsal teams to try and turn up to support Futsal in general.

John Cutajar Malta’s captain said that the lack of supporters might be the result of the lack of wins when Malta played home. He is now hopeful that after this first home win the general public will start to believe in the capabilities of the players.

Xavier Saliba Malta’s match winner yesterday against Switzerland, said that it was a very tough match against the Swiss but he could tell from the start that Malta would register the win since it was Malta who dictated the game from the start. He publically thanked Hermans for his ongoing support to the Malta National team players and also to the Maltese Futsal in general.

Robert Gatt – Now we will change Futsal According to the MFA’s Technical Director it is now time for the MFA to tackle Futsal and enhance /improve the game seriously.

Robert Gatt said “We changed a lot in local Football, and I think now it is the turn for Futsal to register the desired improvement”

Asked why it was decided specifically now to invest in Futsal after 12 long years that the game has been played in Malta, Gatt bravely dribbled the question by stating that the MFA is helping in the way it could.  

When pressed why was the case that the MFA has invested heavily in beach soccer lately instead of targeting  the improvement of Futsal the ex-Hibernains coach replied to this site “I have only been in the job for seven months, I cannot speak and explain why certain decisions were taken before, what I can say is that after we have settled Beach Soccer now we will also settle Futsal”

A notable absence at today’s Press Conference was Malta’s official Assistant coach Kevin Mifsud who has been recently appointed to assist Hermans with the Malta Futsal team. Another absence was that of Donald Spiteri who is the person who is trying to push Futsal within the MFA structures gradually. Spiteri is beleived to have initiated lobbying for the set up of the Malta Futsal Association which will surely give a positive vibe to this sport.

From left, Xavier Saliba, Robert Gatt, Vic Hermans, Mark Muscat and John Cutajar. Photos Joe Borg

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